Monday, December 8, 2014

Wrestling Rabbit Hole #39 - CM Punk to UFC

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CM Punk signs a mult-fight deal with UFC!  Lucha Underground continues to impress!  And TLC is this weekend too but who gives a shit.


Ambrose vs Wyatt
DALE: Ambrose
JD: Wyatt
Ryback vs Kane
DALE: Kane
JD: Ryback
Cena vs Rollins
DALE: Cena
JD: Cena
Miz and Mizdow vs The Usos (belt)
DALE: Miz & Mizdow
JD: Miz & Mizdow
Rowan vs Big Show
DALE: Rowan
JD: Rowan
Harper vs Ziggler
DALE: Harper
JD: Ziggler

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