Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Episode 186 - Happy Birthday Chris

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Fan-submitted questions and high school girls in short shorts!


  1. Great top 10 list guys! I always enjoy your point of view on these silly lists! Carrissa here from Canada eh?

    Here is a link to a photo of the shorts she was supposedly wearing that were too short... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2646469/Pictured-short-shorts-got-suspended-Teen-wears-cut-offs-caused-controversy-Montreal-high-school.html -- They're longer than the ones shown above. Also, you can see the ends are a bit rolled up? How much do you wanna bet they were rolled up even higher when she was getting in trouble?

    All the schools around here (I talk for ALL of Canada of course!!!) have dress codes that are for both boys and girls. No one is shaming these girls. We (Canada) completely agree with your opinion on this topic. No matter what time of year it is or how hot it is outside, girls are not allowed to wear booty shorts or even spaghetti strap tops. In the same respect, neither are the boys.

    We think this girl is just looking for attention. Back when we were all kids in the playground us girls would get our bra straps snapped whether they were showing or not! These types of things didn't turn (most) of you boys into sexual deviants. Clothing companies at stores like Walmart need to make appropriate clothing and parent needs to monitor what their kids are wearing! Teachers have tons of kids to monitor on a daily basis and make sure everyone is safe. No matter how much we teach "the boys" to not sexualize women, it's going to happen and vice versa. The reason the girls aren't allowed to wear these clothes isn't because it will turn all men into crazy raping monsters and that is where this girl has it all mixed up. It's for the safety of the CHILDREN and their well being to teach them about what is and isn't appropriate. If your shorts are 2" higher on your leg you aren't really any cooler than if they were longer. With all the cases of teens showing off their tits and then committing suicide, teachers are under alot of pressure to keep the school yard safe and this girl needs to find something else to whine about, eh?

    PS - That CAPTCHA this to post this comment is drunk and needs to go home!

    1. Thanks for the Canadian point of view!